Workplace recovery in action

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Here’s how Regus helped a Swiss PR firm with workplace recovery following a fire


It started like any other day for Brand Affairs AG, Regus’s PR agency in Switzerland based in central Zürich. While the team expected the hours ahead to be full of opportunities and challenges, there was one challenge they had not quite anticipated when they arrived at the office that day. 

“Mid-morning, at around 10.30, the team was in full swing – on the phones, making Skype calls, in meetings, and the coffee machine was humming,” says managing partner Markus Kramer. “Then Liza, one of our team members who was sitting next to the window, noticed an odd smell. She opened the door to our loggia [external corridor] and smoke came in.”

It dawned on the team that a fire had started in the apartment above their office. Markus Kramer and his colleagues jumped into action by calling the fire fighters and urging everyone to exit the building. Within minutes, everyone was outside, and fire fighters, police and ambulances were on the scene. “The whole area looked like in a disaster zone,” says Kramer. 

Fortunately, this kind of scenario – workplace recovery during disruption – is exactly what Regus’s flexible workspace locations are ready for. “Within minutes, Garry Guertler, the Country Manager of IWG Switzerland replied, offering for our entire team to set up camp at a nearby Spaces office,” says Kramer. 

Around 20 minutes later, Kramer and his team were settled in and ready to continue working at a Spaces location in their local area – Spaces Bleicherweg, a 10-minute tram-ride away. “It was really easy to get to, and we were able to use the desks, phone booths, coffee area and Wi-Fi immediately,” says Kramer.

The incident at Brand Affairs was quickly resolved. “Luckily, no one was hurt, and we were able to move back to our office within hours – the damage was limited to that particular apartment,” says Kramer. “But it was great knowing that we had an alternative place to go within short notice, and continue working in an environment that was fit for purpose.”

For Brand Affairs, the quick reaction, support and practical solution offered by IWG when they really needed it meant that a potential disaster became much more manageable. “It’s great to be able to count on the speed and professional work of the city’s infrastructure and services, as well as counting on partners who are there for us when we need them,” says Kramer. “We are grateful for it.”


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